R&D Tax Credit

R&D Tax Credit

r and d tax credits

Is your company claiming its full entitlements for investment in developing innovative products, processes or software in Ireland.

R&D tax credit allows incorporated businesses to benefit from a corporation tax reduction or cash payment from Revenue for costs incurred from work that aims to advance science or technology.

It is a very beneficial incentive to businesses seeking to innovate and encourages Irish companies to become world leaders in science and technology.

We realise that it can be a challenging task to figure out exactly what your entitlements are and somewhat daunting to ensure the administration and claims process meets Revenue requirements.

Our R&D tax credit will walk you through the process of your claim, making sure that all the qualification and compliance boxes are ticked in both the financial and technical documentation.

We’ll ensure that your business maximises claims for your R&D tax credit entitlements.

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How much R&D tax credit can be claimed?

R&D tax credit in Ireland is calculated at 25% of qualifying expenditure on research and development activities. It is used to reduce your Corporation Tax (CT). Companies which have previously (or currently) offset corporation tax may be eligible to receive credit payments in instalments.

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Which R&D activities qualify for tax credit?

In order to claim for R&D tax credits, activities must include the following:

• Systemic, investigative or experimental activities in science or technology
• Involve basic research, applied research or experimental development
• Aim to achieve advancement in science or technology
• Resolve scientific or technological uncertainty

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How to claim R&D Tax Credit

Revenue states that companies must ensure they meet all requirements before making an application for R&D tax credits.

Any claims for R&D tax credits in Ireland must be submitted within 12 months of the end of the accounting period during which the costs are incurred.

Find out if your company is eligible for R&D tax credit today.

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